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5 Reasons You Need a Custom Printed T-shirt

Look around…they’re everywhere. Whether imprinted with company logos, the names of local sports teams, or promoting charity events, custom printed T-shirts are among the most versatile and cost effective tools in today’s marketplace. Here’s a look at just five of the reasons your business or organization needs custom printed T’s.

1) Branding: Visibility is key to turning a business or organization into a household name. While corporations use large scale advertising campaigns and mass media to establish their brand, smaller organizations don’t have the luxury of a big advertising budget. Custom printed T’s, however, are a quick and simple way for smaller entities to directly increase their visibility to large audiences (think of all the custom imprinted T-shirts you see in a day!) Decking out employees or group members in T-shirts professionally printed with a well-thought-out logos is a powerful way boost your memorability factor and grow your brand.

2) Cost: Custom printed T’s are one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your event or company. Their low cost makes custom T’s simple, budget friendly options to use for employee and team uniforms, promotional giveaways, or as gifts at fundraisers. While some specialty websites may make designing and ordering imprinted shirts look easy, not all of them actually do the work themselves. Most online companies broker out the job to local printers which increases your cost and the time it takes to get your shirts. For quick turnaround, personalized service, better pricing and immediate quality control, consider ordering your custom T’s from a commercial printing company, like H&W, who has the ability to print your shirts in-house.

3) Versatility: From the grocery store to the board room, it seems that everyone is wearing custom printed T-shirts these days. Easily customizable, appealing to all age groups and body shapes, these mini walking billboards are the very definition of dynamic advertising in our casual, on-the-go world. An eye catching graphic or catchy motto can attract new customers and potential employees, or even spark a conversation about your brand. The versatility of a custom T is endless–they can continue to be worn years after the event they were intended for, and reach audiences far beyond their target market.

4) Promotions: Handing out T-shirts imprinted with your organization’s logo and information at business expos, trade shows, and as participation gifts at charity events is a powerful and inexpensive way to get your message out there. Since most branded giveaways are usually small, inexpensive items, opting to hand out custom T’s is an effective way to be remembered–always crucial to networking and brand growth. And, since T-shirt material comes in a wide range of grades and prices, no matter your budget, custom shirts can work as well as high end corporate gifts as they do for crowded trade show giveaways.

5) Team building: There’s something about being able to wear a customized T-shirt with the name of your group or company that makes you feel like you “belong”; that you’re a part of a team. In the workplace that sense of belonging can translate into increased productivity; T-shirts that have been custom designed for special events such as company picnics or charity runs tend to be worn long after the event itself, further fostering a sense of belonging and pride. Further, since custom T-shirts printed with team names or employer logos are often worn outside the workplace, they not only promote a brand, but can represent an entity’s or group’s overall reputation as well.

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H&W provides a new Solution! Today H&W rolled out our first public storefront. Since H&W is supplying our warehouse in Marietta as a food distribution center for MUST Ministries, we are offering t-shirts to support their RAPID Response division helping local children and families with essential food and supplies. And because many of our associates have graduating seniors this year, we’ve included a section for items you may want to purchase to recognize your high school or college senior. In the coming weeks we will be expanding this storefront to include more products and services that H&W manufactures in house every day! Many colors and sizes available. Please visit to place your order.


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