you can use an H&W Online Storefront for cost savings and competitive advantage

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Is your company a multi-location business?

Here’s how you can use an H&W Online Storefront for cost savings and competitive advantage.

The bigger your company grows, the more complex your marketing issues become. The more fingers using the ordering buttons, the more the likelihood of confusion and delay, errors, branding mistakes, and unnecessary costs.

H&W can solve these issues. We condense all ordering into a one-source, brand-protected, secure online website. Your own marketing specialists approve all art for editable templates that are loaded to a password-protected corporate web presence. The site is accessible to appropriate employees or partners, across America and throughout the world.


Only sanctioned, site-specific art is loaded; so no more wrong logos or styles mistakenly used as each location has its own personalized material.

Only as needed on demand quantities are ordered; yet often combined with, or drawn from, bulk items thus sharing unit costs associated with large volume prices.

Very fast production turnaround since all art approvals are sitting ready; and because pre-produced items are stored in our Atlanta warehouse awaiting instructions for same day shipping.

And there’s more!

This opens up creative flexibility for each regional manager. Editable templates make ordering location specific forms or promotional materials from a central platform an efficient way to use consistent branding while still allowing multiple sites their individuality to meet urgent local competitive conditions.

Can you see the magic of online storefront ordering?

Get the right product, to the right market, at the right time.

Each region has different competition. To lead the pack, a successful corporation needs swift personalized response ability in multiple varied disciplines. Maybe it’s store danglers with price changes, direct invitations flooding an area with bulk mail, or trade show items at the last minute.


Partnering with H&W through joint management of a storefront website makes it incredibly easy to respond to changing market situations. With our help, you can swiftly call up the right combination of marketing items and speed them into a particular regional market.


At H&W, everything is under one giant roof. We have every conceivable production capability that you might need. With a single online order, an employee can utilize our expertise with commercial sheet-fed, wide format digital and screen-printing, promotional materials including embroidered clothing, complete bindery finishing, with fulfillment and warehouse storage. Add project art personalization, digital proofing, full mailing and shipping services, and a dedicated H&W support team, and you have a speedy marketing response to any competitive need.

How does this save costs?

Once the templates are installed on the website, the ordering process is streamlined. Fewer eyes on each order are required and employees can direct energies elsewhere. Regional managers can have certain authorization, reducing the need for as many corporate marketing employees.

Time to create and approve art is greatly reduced. Now you have instant response by utilizing preplanned corporate strategic marketing. Large runs can be produced and stored for later personalization. Bulk orders of material can be stored onsite for imprint, specific finishing or embroidery as needed. This brings down unit costs.

Ordering everything from one H&W source allows locations to benefit from large volume shipping charges, not pay multiple individual higher rates from different vendors.

Many storefront customers park inventory items here, clearing out space in their own offices.

Ordering New Hire Kits online is the latest strategy large companies use. Relevant paperwork is accessible, and welcome items and apparel are swiftly sent directly to their branch or home!

The faster you respond to market conditions; the more rewarding your competitive efforts. Keeping loyal customers against competitive forces saves you losing money. Leading the pack with clever speedy marketing thrusts gives you the edge you seek for greater profits.

H&W offers to work with you to implement a winning strategy.

Together, let’s build a custom designed, professionally managed online storefront: One we know from experience to be the perfect solution for optimizing efficiency and effectiveness: One we know will give you the competitive edge to excel in today’s marketplace.

E-commerce solutions are crucial to marketing teams that handle multiple entities. Your competitors may already be benefiting from using a web storefront. H&W’s technology experts will work with you to custom create an online presence that combines ordering, tracking, and fulfilling all company branded item needs. Simple to use templates make it easy for anyone on your team to accurately use your storefront, and, what’s more, you don’t have to manage the site yourself-we’ll do that for you.

See, it’s much easier than you might expect. We make it a simple process.

Once operational, you’ll empower multiple regional managers to order area specific sales items with offers that carry their own price points. Target marketing at its fastest and best!

We would be delighted to explore this more with you.


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