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Promotional Giveaways Produce Lasting Results

Chances are you’ve got a free promotional giveaway item in your home or office at this very moment–a coffee mug imprinted with the business logo of your insurance agent, a refrigerator magnet with the phone number of a local veterinarian… everybody has them. In fact, statistics show that most households own one or more branded items and typically hold on to them for up to two years. Branded items can garner hundreds more business referrals than most any other form of advertising. It’s no wonder that savvy companies invest in these relatively inexpensive promotional giveaways, keeping their products and services at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Promotional items are usually given out at public events or are given as thank you gifts to repeat customers. Consumers are more likely to remember where they got a giveaway and even feel a greater sense of personal connection and customer loyalty if they received the item directly from the vendor. Although small promotional items like pens and magnets are often sent through direct mail marketing campaigns they can be nearly as effective in garnering new and repeat business as personal handouts.

If you’re a business owner, you’ll find that the best giveaways stand the test of time and keep producing a return on your investment. Daily use items such as mouse pads, notebooks and water bottles imprinted with company logos, phone numbers and website addresses are tangible reminders of your services, readily available the moment consumers need you. Plumbing problems? Why bother looking up local businesses online when there’s a glossy calendar hanging on the wall with all the contact information for Ed’s Emergency Plumbing?

Promotional giveaways are essential tools at business events like trade shows and conventions. Rather than merely handing out easily lost or tossed business cards, items branded with company logos and contact information can be a surefire way to make a company memorable. Since thousands of potential leads visit these events, inexpensive branded giveaways such as lanyards and lip balms are practical investments. That isn’t to say, however, that giveaways have to be boring. Trade shows and conventions are highly competitive, making outside-the box promotional items stand out from the crowd. Fidget spinners and pop-sockets, anyone? While unique items may cost slightly more than standard offerings their potential return on investment make them worthwhile options.

Corporate events are the pinnacle of promotional giveaways. Private parties, company retreats and charity fundraisers are known for handing out swag–goodie bags filled with high quality branded items and gifts. Cozy throws embroidered with company logos, business names imprinted on custom designed tee shirts, glossy business card holders–higher quality items are the norm at these events. The holidays also provide great opportunities for companies to give out promotional items and corporate gifts such as branded, reusable tins filled with popcorn, imprinted wine bottle cozies, or Christmas ornaments emblazoned with company logos.

No matter what form of promotional items companies elect to give away, it’s imperative that even the least expensive items aren’t cheap, useless, or easily broken. Logos, graphics and other branding should be bright, crisp and easy to read. Although there are many marketing companies that specialize in providing bulk giveaway items, H&W will give you personalized attention and a partner that will walk you through every step of the way.

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