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Recognizing Star Employees

A basic human need we all have is to be appreciated. In all areas of life- home, sports, school, and work- recognition of our efforts can boost our self-confidence, giving us that spark to continue on in the very same efforts that got us seen in the first place. With many people spending the majority of their time in a work environment, rewarding the performance of those who have earned it is key to an individual’s success and that of the company as well. One Gallup poll concluded that employee recognition will boost employee loyalty and decrease turnover.

Daily performance-based recognition can come in a variety of packages. Anything from verbal praise, to thank you notes, down to cold, hard cash are all wonderful ways to say thanks to an employee. When Gallup surveyed its participants, six ways in particular showed up as packing the most rewarding punch. Of those six, one of the top ways was public recognition within the company and among peers. Not only does public recognition show commitment to the compliment, but it raises the bar for other employees to meet the same expectation.

The possibilities of public recognition span a wide range of items. Traditionally, a small ceremonious lunch or dinner may be held, during which the person of honor can be handed an engraved token of recognition such as a trophy to be shown on a desk or a sleek plaque to be donned upon the wall. Beyond the classic ways of showing who has done the best, think of things such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, or messenger bags that can be displayed as weekly reminders of great performance and accomplishments.

Saying thank you and recognizing the efforts of a company’s employees shouldn’t be limited to the top performers. Even those who have put in extra hours, given up perks during slow seasons, or who have shown company loyalty can all be given gifts to show appreciation. Putting together quarterly gift bags or baskets will give employees something to look forward to. Items can be customized for the company for brand loyalty, and tailored per department. Logoed umbrellas, high-end flashlights, sleek espresso makers, quality sunglasses, or copper-plated mugs are all items sure to meet the hands of grateful employees.

Rewarding those who are essential to the company pays off in the long run. Consider throwing a team building Olympic day, handing out fun silicone fitness bans, branded backpacks, and stainless steel water bottles. Investing in your team’s health and happiness will motivate everyone to strive daily for a company they feel loyal towards and feel appreciated by. One such one-stop shop exists within H&W. Keeping our customers satisfied with speed and quality promotional and recognition items for the past 20 years has built a loyal foundation of folks who happily vouch for the top-notch service they have received over and over again. Keep your employees feeling appreciated, motivated, and happy by rewarding their hard work today.

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