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Recent studies by the DMA have shown that direct mail’s response rate is at an all-time high. At a 5.3% average response rate, with no other medium even hitting 1%, direct mail should be part of every marketer’s toolkit. However, there is a lot more to mailing than popping on a stamp and dropping it in the nearest mailbox. H&W’s in-house mailing department can handle even the most complex direct mailing project, delivering your message quicker than anyone else.

From printing, inserting, ink-jet addressing and wafer-sealing to data list acquisition, predictive analytics and project management, we are a full service direct mail provider. Let us help you define your key performance indicators, geo & demo targets, and find out for yourself how successful a well-managed direct mail campaign can be. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • » Inserting, folding & tabbing
  • » Intelligent inserting
  • » Variable Data Personalization
  • » Full-service Saturation/Bulk Mail
  • » Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
  • » Business Reply Mail (BRM)
  • » Full-service Targeted Direct Mail
  • » Predictive Analytics
  • » Specialized programs such as New Movers


Our direct mail program is only as good as the data you use. With our extensive mailing list development and acquisition services, you get the most accurate and precise data segmentation and modeling information. Everything you need for your customer acquisition, retention, informative, branding and loyalty programs.

H&W will work with your own lists, or acquire quality ones on your behalf, purge duplicates, correct addresses, maintain the lists and run updates monthly, or as required. We also offer data support services, such as auto address correction from the national change of address directory, zip+4 coding accuracy updating, GPS coordinates, presort in groups for carrier route saturation; even tracking for proof of delivery.

When you want to reach the right customers, or approach potential new ones, you’ll be amazed how easy and effective it can be when H&W is at the helm of your direct mailing programs. Be prepared for a better result and better ROI.


Direct Mail is no longer restricted to sealing and addressing an envelope containing an addressed folded letter. Together, we can create the perfect program to match your needs. We specialize in customizing direct mail programs from beginning to end.

Need automated ink jetting on up to 6 inserts and an envelope? Need colors other than black? Want to enclose odd shaped items, or use non-standard envelopes? Want roll label or real stamps affixed? Have single items, such as postcards or wafer sealed mailers to address?

These options, and more, can be customized here at H&W, including personalized, variable data digitally printed marketing pieces as stand-alone or merged with other direct mailing productions. Our variable data capabilities allow you to have distinct individualized/personalized information on any direct mail piece, even within complex designs and content on your direct mailer piece. The recipient will feel like they have received a mailer specific to them. Let us customize your very own direct mail program.


We know you’re looking for a business partner you can trust to help you grow & innovate. Let us show you how we can accomplish that and more. Call us at 770.951.9800 or click below to start the conversation!

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