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Unfailing, timely distribution of large volume printed, kitted, marketing materials can be a nightmare in the wrong hands. Likewise, individual orders placed with different vendors can cause confusion that leads to missed deadlines and incomplete deliveries. This undoubtedly causes an increase in complaints and returns.

Want to focus on your core business and not have to worry about these fulfillment issues? H&W provides high-volume pick and pack services for any type of business. Unlike other fulfillment companies, H&W can store your items in our vast warehouse and ship them worldwide, providing maximum flexibility and accuracy. Using flexible staffing, on site quality control, and state of the art management systems, H&W can scale quickly to meet your needs.

Combining this expertise with our custom ecommerce solutions provides a worry-free partnership for you. Our easy-to-use online storefronts can provide your business locations real time ordering capabilities with visibility into your inventory.

Our relationships with multiple parcel carriers also provides you a perfect combination of optimized delivery times and cost of delivery.

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you use H&W as your pick and pack partner are:

  • » Reduced your labor costs
  • » Eliminate the need to store items yourself
  • » Allow your employees to work on core business needs instead of shipping items themselves
  • » Inventory accuracy
  • » Fast turn times when orders come in
  • » Reduction of shipping errors
  • » Better shipping rates


Reliable, on time delivery of your project is aided by large, clean, uncluttered warehouse space, with a unique section for each fulfillment process in the logistics area. We also provide our customers clean and organized private climate controlled storage space.

H&W has allocated clearly defined areas of workspace, wide aisles, sturdy shelving and a clean flowing organizational stream for in and out movement of product. Department supervisors are alerted before items reach them, allowing preparatory set up for instant action upon arrival.

Everything is done with one goal in mind: Deliver our customer a better than expected result.


It requires a large warehouse to keep clients’ inventories easily accessible for instant access upon demand. When your kit order is made from inventory, it needs to be found quickly from shelves and cartons that have kept everything in pristine condition. You may need same day collation of specific regional items to be packaged and ready to go.

H&W has invested heavily for optimum storage and working space for items we hold for your future use. You can rely on us to produce, finish, securely store and fulfill your complete range of branded marketing products ordered.

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