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H&W provides reliable product kitting and finishing services on demand. Many of our customers combine this with our warehouse & fulfillment services to maximize their marketing and delivery efforts. Let our team of professionals pack your individual products into ready-to-ship kits. Completed kits are stored with your inventory and mapped to a specific SKU so that no mistakes happen and your items are shipped and delivered efficiently.

For products that consistently ship together as a set, such as employee or corporate welcome packages, pre-kitted packages save time and money and are ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

Whether automated or white glove manual kitting, depending on need, H&W is your reliable partner for kitting and assembly projects of any size and quantity.


Probably the most important step of any kitting project is the last step, finishing and bindery. H&W removes the risks associated with this crucial finishing stage because of our dedication to quality, efficiency and reliability. We offer a wide range of finishing and bindery solutions. You can rest easily knowing that your project will be finished using the correct methods with quality in mind. Here are some of the finishing services that H&W provides in-house.

  • » Padding
  • » Cutting
  • » Collating
  • » Die-cutting
  • » Gluing
  • » Hole punching
  • » Inserts
  • » Mounting
  • » Scoring & Folding
  • » Stamping
  • » Stitching
  • » Tabbing
  • » Drilling
  • » Laminating
  • » Embossing & Debossing
  • » Engraving
  • » Foil Stamping
  • » UV Coating & Spot UV
  • » Perfect Binding
  • » Saddle Stitching
  • » Side Stitching
  • » Coil binding
  • » Comb binding
  • » GBC binding
  • » Spiral binding
  • » Three-ring binding


Packing your products for the safe arrival at their final destination is handled with just the same critical care at the final stage of production at H&W. Having put our heart and soul into producing your project to the best of our ability, we certainly wouldn’t want to cut corners at this stage. Our packing experts are confident in their ability to correctly pack and ship your items securely. Every item or kit is packed in heavy duty boxes that are strong enough to support the weight of any size project. You can be certain that we will pack your items so they can withstand the rigors of being shipped and handled by shipping and freight companies.


With H&W, you have a partner that cares about your projects from start to finish.

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