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The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing: The Three “T’s”

From social media to mass email blasts, if you’re a business owner there’s certainly a wide range of options available to advertise your products and services. It might surprise you to learn, however, that one of the most effective ways to promote your business continues to be direct mail marketing.

Industry studies show that direct mail marketing yields a higher response rate from consumers than email advertising; a higher response rate means a higher return on your investment. Mailing promotional materials such as postcards, flyers, and newsletters can be a versatile, cost effective way for small businesses and start-ups to reach specific markets with measurable results. Knowing the three “T’s” of direct mail marketing: Targeting, Tangibles, and Tracking, can lead to the successful promotion of your business.

How can you be sure that your direct mail promotions are getting into the hands of those consumers who are most likely to want or need what your company has to offer? Successful ad campaigns make use of professionally created lists from vendors who specialize in direct mail marketing. For years, H&W has helped companies use extensive demographic research to determine everything from household age and gender makeup to specific shopping habits, creating direct mailing lists that can be broad based or specifically pinpointed. Targeted lists can enable you to personalize promotional materials, immediately boosting your customer service reputation by making potential customers feel they are important to you. Repetitive mailings to targeted audiences will make your direct mail campaign even more successful.

If you promote your services or products through mass emailing, chances are most of your work is going to end up unopened and deleted. On the other hand, direct mail marketing has the benefit of being seen and touched by potential customers, making conversions more likely. Promotional post cards with eye-catching graphics, personally addressed envelopes and colorful sales flyers tend to elicit a positive response from consumers. Mailing small promotional gifts such as pens and magnets imprinted with your logo and contact information are even more likely to be kept and used, ready reminders of what your company has to offer. With that said, it’s important to understand how to make your direct mail offerings stand out from others. H&W can assist your business in creating just the right graphic designs as well as suggesting messaging that best meets your business needs.

Besides being one of the most effective ways to market your business, results from direct mail campaigns are also the most easily tracked. Sending out promotional postcards or other materials with end-dated coupons, specific phone numbers to call, or codes to enter for special online discounts make measuring results simple. Calls to action coupled with a sense of urgency (“Hurry, Sale Ends Thursday!” “Enter code on our website today for a 25% discount!”) allows you to see real time results. Closely tracking those results makes return on investment figures easily measurable, and also provides a snapshot of what works and what doesn’t—you may find you need a more targeted mailing list or a different messaging approach. Measurable results guarantee you’ll also end up with a clear picture of what produced the most positive results in your direct mail campaign. H&W includes result tracking as a part of our one-stop direct mail services. Let’s work together to create a direct mail campaign that will give you results.

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