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Why you should consider warehousing & fulfillment services

Businesses that have multiple locations needing promotional items, direct mailers, sales collateral, signage, new employee kits or even binders for a presentation often have a hard time keeping up with requests when trying to handle them in-house. Not to mention the office space taken up with all the different items kept on hand to fulfill requests as they come in. Using a partner like H&W, for in-house fulfillment, helps limit the number of mistakes that could happen at any moment.

What is Fulfilment?
Fulfillment is the term that blankets the process of picking, preparing, packing, and shipping out an order. In-house fulfillment refers to the fact that the entire process from the very first inquiry, to shipping of the items, all the way to the follow-up communications are taken care of by the same company. For example, promotional items such as travel tumblers would be kept in our warehouse, picked the same day it’s ordered online, packaged, and sent out all by our professional fulfillment team.

Communication is Key
When dealing with items that are of the utmost importance to your business, the fewer hands they pass through, the better. Communication is smoother when fulfillment is done within one location simply because the team in charge is tried, true, and experienced with one another. The in-sync communication, from order to delivery, offers efficiency, meaning less mistakes within the process. Less mistakes means getting the work done at higher speeds and quicker turnaround times.

Troubleshooting at its Best
Mistakes can happen anywhere, but the true test of a business’ quality is how those mistakes are handled. Fulfilling orders within one centralized location that uses inventory systems will help keep track of each point the order is at, making it easier to pinpoint any mistakes that could happen and correct them right away.

Batteries Included!
Well, maybe not batteries but H&W does offer online storefronts to help manage all your items. Our storefronts combine web-to-print, order management and fulfillment into one full-service solution. This is another benefit that fulfillment services provide growing business.

Revisit with Ease
Whether ordering new direct mailers for the season or preparing your quarterly presentation packets for investors, a one-stop shop with in-house fulfillment is more likely to have less turn-over and the kinks ironed out within the personnel to deliver your quality order quicker. Keeping everything, such as printing, warehousing, and packaging all in one place means you can focus on growing your business.

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